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Yella Beezy Allegedly Had 5 Guns in Vehicle During Arrest in Texas

Yella Beezy Allegedly Had 5 Guns in Vehicle During Arrest in Texas

Yella Beezy Allegedly Had 5 Guns in Vehicle During Arrest in Texas

According to a report by Dallas News, Yella Beezy was the only one in his vehicle during his arrest in Texas. Additionally, Yella Beezy is reported to have had 5 guns during his arrest.

During a traffic stop, Yella Beezy was arrested in Dallas Texas a few weeks ago. In addition, Police reportedly found five guns on Oak Cliff “Bacc at It Again” artist.

According to the Dallas Morning News, an arrest warrant affidavit revealed that the rapper is facing a misdemeanor charge of unlawful carrying of a weapon. The charges are based on the guns found in his car during a search. Furthermore, the affidavit states that Beezy is “a documented gang member;” meaning he “cannot legally possess any handguns in his car.”

Yella Beezy‘s government name is Markies Deandre Conway. Conway was arrested on February 13 outside of a strip mall in the east Oak Cliff area of Dallas.

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Spotting his car, a black 2017 GMC Yukon, police pulls it over for allegedly failing to stop at an crossing; and because the windows were “tinted too heavily.” Beezy complied with an officer’s request to step out of his car. Next, the affidavit says the 29-year-old was checked and verified to be a “documented gang member.”

However, it’s unclear what that “check” entails.

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Following pulling Conway out of his car, police used a drug-sniffing dog to search Conway’s car. Police then searched the car, finding five guns in many compartments throughout. As reported by Dallas Morning News, they included:

  • A Beretta PMX containing 19 rounds of ammunition. The gun had been reported stolen in Frisco.
  • An FN Herstal Five-Seven that had 21 rounds of ammunition.
  • A Sig Sauer P365 with 11 rounds of ammunition.
  • A Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard that had six rounds of ammunition.
  • A Springfield Armory Saint AR-15 pistol with a 54-round drum of ammunition. The gun had a wrist-brace that made it possible to fire the weapon with one hand.

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