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The Rise of Melyssa Ford | Video Vixens Legacies

The Rise of Melyssa Ford | Video Vixens Legacies

The Rise of Melyssa Ford | Video Vixens Legacies

One of Hip Hop’s video vixens was Melyssa Ford.

In the 1990s, many were hard-pressed to find a more popular or in-demand video vixen than her. Besides being featured in many hip-hop and rap music videos, she was also involved in a lot of drama.

Melyssa Ford: From Bartender to Video Vixen

In the late 1990s, Melyssa Ford was discovered.

While working as a bartender in Toronto, the video director named Little X lent a helping hand; by helping launch her modeling career.  Afterward, Ford was catapulted into fame. Ford went on appearing in a variety of men’s magazines and even music videos for the likes of artists like Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, and Sisqo.  She is, perhaps, most famous for her appearance in the Jay-Z video for, Big Pimpin’, a classic.


The Rise of Melyssa Ford | Video Vixens Legacies


Melyssa became one of the most sought out video vixens of the early 2000s and eventually became the poster girl for Nelly’s apparel line, Apple Bottoms.

She put a stop to starring in music videos after a shifting music industry scaled back on music video budgets, but Ford continued her relevance. During a 2008 CNN interview, she added to the problematic nature of being a video vixen. According to the former video vixen, she often asked herself questions; such as whether she was “perpetuating a negative stereotype” about black women.

Furthermore, Ford participated in the Bravo Network television series Blood, Sweat & Heels. There, the show documents her social life against the background of her struggles of becoming a realtor in New York. In 2016, Ford became a co-host of Hollywood Unlocked, a hip-hop and pop culture radio show.

Ford survived a near-fatal car accident with an 18-wheeler truck that reportedly merged into her lane on the Ventura Freeway to Glendale, clipping her back right tire.

The impact caused her 2017 Jeep Wrangler to flip three times before landing upside down.

The former video vixen sustained a skull fracture, bleeding on the brain, and severe cuts and bruises.

Melyssa Ford and Her Love Triangle Drama

In addition to Meylssa Ford‘s rise to fame, she continues making headlines. The former video vixen, apparently, was in a love triangle between Drake and Toccara Jones; who was a contestant on America’s Next Top Model and a friend of hers.

The Rise of Melyssa Ford | Video Vixens Legacies

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During an episode of her podcast, I’m Here for the Food, spills the tea about the love triangle. According to Ford, both she and Jones were “dealing with the same dude” at the same time. In the podcast, Jones stressed that women need to stick together. Coincidently enough, that podcast earned the title “Chicks over Dicks.”

In addition to finding out Drake was dating them both, Ford dumped the Canadian rapper.

“I just want to finish it off by saying this: there was no way I was losing my friend to this guy, no matter who the f*ck he was. I was not losing my girlfriend,” said Ford.

She also said that she “eventually” had a conversation with Drake about this love triangle; additionally calling him a “hoe ass” for dating the two at the same time. Currently, it seems as though Drake has yet to respond to this revelation.

However, the tea is there, aired out on the air. You can check that podcast down below.  Stay tuned for more video vixen coverage, as we document hip-hop during the early 2000s.


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