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Paul Wall Represents for Underground in ‘Subculture’ Album, Talks Marching on Frontlines in Support of BLM Movement and Biracial Children

Paul Wall Represents for Underground in ‘Subculture’ Album, Talks Marching on Frontlines in Support of BLM Movement and Biracial Children

Fresh off the release of his Subculture project, Paul Wall exclusively sat down with Two Bees TV to talk about his new music, the Black Lives Matter Movement, and raising biracial children.

The 11-track project was made in partnership with Red Bull Music Studios and the entire process was recorded. “A lot of the times in my recording sessions, I’m either solo or people are just there for the vibe,” says Paul Wall in the 14-minute vlog below that gave fans an intimate BTS experience. “There usually aren’t a lot of professionals around to bounce ideas off of, so it’s been a great experience creating with y’all.”

When asked about the inspiration behind the album’s title, the Grammy-nominated rapper said, “I still represent from the underground. All my favorite artists and music mainly come from the underground and I wanted to represent for that subculture.”

Paul was spotted out during the peak of the Black Lives Matter protests and the show’s host, Miss2Bees, asked him how was the energy during the protests. “It was a combination of a lot of energy. But I think the main energy is fed up. People are fed up with being lied to. Fed up with being mistreated and put aside.”

George Floyd’s death was one of the focal points of the ongoing protests and Hip Hop fans learned that he was affiliated with DJ Screw. Miss2Bees asked the Houston rapper if he knew Big Floyd. “I did have the privilege and the blessing to meet him on a few different occasions. Always a good dude, big dude. You know, him being from the screwed up clique… anybody period who came out of the screwed up clique, we hold them to a higher level of love and admiration,” he responded.

Paul continued, “with him passing it was something we all took hard. Him being from Houston for 1, but him coming out of that screwed up clique … It just makes him as an individual all more relatable to all of us in Houston. Although I got to see him a few times, meet him a few times, and got to take pictures with him a few times, it was something we all felt when he passed on so tragically.”

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Paul Wall has been married to his wife, Crystal, for fifteen years and two, beautiful biracial children came from their union. But in light of the current social climate, mixed families are having uncomfortable conversations that are either hurting their families or bringing them closer.

“With my kids, I try to be open and honest about it. Especially Being that my son is 14 and he’s my size. so if out and about he’s not looking like a kid, he’s looking a grown man. And he been looking like that. And I have to think about that when I think about Tamir Rice and these other young men that were killed.”

Check out part 1 of the conversation below:

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