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NBA Youngboy Arrested By The FBI, Reportedly Tried To Flee

NBA Youngboy Arrested By The FBI, Reportedly Tried To Flee

NBA YoungBoy Is Being Investigated By Feds Following 2020 Drug Arrest

NBA YoungBoy is no stranger to legal troubles. He’s been involved in a string of run-ins with the law the past few years. This is likely the reason why he had “an outstanding federal warrant” against him.

According to TMZ, this warrant is the reason why the LAPD and federal authorities pulled the rapper over on Monday (March 22). After pulling the rapper over, he was arrested while he attempted to flee on foot. It’s unclear what part of the city this took place. However, the outlet states that there was a “short pursuit” of the vehicle after it didn’t immediately stop for authorities.

When it did, things continued to spiral. It’s reported that NBA YoungBoy decided to flee on foot, but he didn’t get far. Police moved into action to find the rapper and even brought out a K-9 that eventually found YoungBoy’s location. Fortunately, he wasn’t bitten or injured by the animal.

In addition to his arrest, a search of the vehicle reportedly uncovered a firearm; but it’s unclear who the weapon belongs to.

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NBA YoungBoy has had multiple run-ins with authorities. Last September, he was arrested while reportedly filming a music video. Later, YoungBoy stood accused of being involved in an assault. After being released from jail in 2019, the rapper was initially ordered to house arrest.

We’ll keep you updated as the story develops.

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