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Lil Baby Moves Home After Fans Find Where He’s Staying

Lil Baby Moves Home After Fans Find Where He’s Staying

Lil Baby Moves Home After Fans Find Where He's Staying

Lil Baby moves his home that he had in Tampa. While in Tampa for the super bowl, Lil Baby is spotted by his fans at his home in which he…

Lil Baby Seen In Tampa Florida By His Fans At His Weekend Home Rental

Over the weekend, Lil Baby was in Tampa attending festivities for the Super Bowl. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, in their home stadium, ended up smacking the Kansas City Chiefs, 31-9. However, right before the game, Lil Baby took to his social media feed to reveal what was currently happening in his life.

Lil Baby shares a video on Instagram with the caption, “Come outside to a whole mob.” Additionally, the video shows many teenage fans who found the home that he had been renting in Tampa for the weekend. His video shows what looks like a bunch of fans waiting to take pictures and videos of Baby.

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After being spotted by fans, Lil Baby says in the video that he has to get a new home. From that point, it’s unclear how quickly Baby left the home to find another one. However, Baby is seen afterwards posing in a few pictures from his updated rental. It would appear that the rapper was able to avoid any sort of potential harm.

This appears to be a very common issue for celebrities who travel out of town.  Their stardom tends to definitely attract locals who want to either take a photo or video with them.

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