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Donald Trump Reportedly Teases 2024 Presidential Run at CPAC

Donald Trump Reportedly Teases 2024 Presidential Run at CPAC

YouTube's CEO Says Donald Trump's Account Will Be Reinstated After ‘Risk of Violence Has Decreased'

The Democrats wanted to impeach Donald Trump after he left office to prevent a possible third Presidential run in 2024.

Donald Trump may be banned from social media but he’s still going to say what he has to say. During an appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Trump took aim at the transgender community and teased a third campaign.

“Who knows, I may even decide to beat them for a third time.”

“This election was rigged,” he added. “And the Supreme Court and other courts didn’t want to do anything about it.”

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Trump also addressed the Biden administration’s decision to withdraw a Trump-era opinion that students must be “biologically female” to participate. “We must protect the integrity of women’s sports,” he said, which received one of the biggest applause at the event.

Would you vote for Donald Trump in 2024?

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