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DaniLeigh Slams ‘Yellow Bone’ Controversy, “I ain’t no white girl, I’m Dominican”

DaniLeigh Slams ‘Yellow Bone’ Controversy, “I ain’t no white girl, I’m Dominican”

DaniLeigh Slams 'Yellow Bone' Controversy, "I ain't no white girl, I'm Dominican"

“I ain’t no white girl, I’m Dominican,” DaniLeigh says while recently addressing her controversial, “Yellow Bone” song… Again!

After teasing her song, “Yellow Bone,” DaniLeigh went under fire for countless colorism accusations. Despite apologizing in a video response, the singer and singer went goes on Twitter to clap back.

In addition, just before Valentine’s Day DaniLeigh announced her break up with DaBaby recently; and she’s now seen engaging with a number of her critics on Twitter on Sunday, particularly with Atlanta rapper Akbar V. “I want to tell you baby you are not Black,” wrote Akbar in a tweet that the singer responded to with, “Keep making music I’ll never hear.”

While continuing to argue in an extensive back-and-forth, DaniLeigh goes on to state that she doesn’t want to “be anyone but myself.”

She adds that she didn’t know who Akbar V is; even as the Atlanta rapper continued to engage in a heated exchange.

“U still not Black,” wrote Akbar V, prompting DaniLeigh to tell her about her recent album Movie. “I got party next door, queen nija, ty dolla, baby, gunna, yella beezy, fivio on it,” she explained.

DaniLeigh Posts Video Response To “Yellow Bone” Colorism Accusations

Eventually, the two were able to reach a more peaceful stance with one another. However, the argument seriously shifted to the accusations of colorism that arose after DaniLeigh previewed “Yellow Bone.”

“I want u to stop color shaming cause I really wasn’t being funny u started the sing then started with I don’#t give a fuck altitude we are really Black my Black women go threw enough for u to make fun of it,” Akbar said.

When asked if she would be willing to apologize for the situation further, she indicated that she wants to move on from the controversy.

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“I did apologize… and ya’ll feel I don’t care is bc u don’t like me already so I’ll personally give u a sorry,” she said. “But yeah I’m out to have a good life.” As for her more non-commital original apology, she clarified that was “how I felt at the moment.”

She also took a moment to highlight how the backlash caused her to reconsider releasing the song. Apparently, Dani believes she “took accountability” for her actions. DaniLeigh did, however, take issue with people referring to her as “a white girl.”

The singer explains that she’s Dominican “with a whole bunch of shit in me.”

Furthermore, people asked about her parentage, to which she replied, “They are light skin … Just leave it alone bro I ain’t no fucking white girl.”


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