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WATCH: Coi Leray Admits She’s Embarrassed to Be Benzino’s Daughter

WATCH: Coi Leray Admits She’s Embarrassed to Be Benzino’s Daughter

WATCH: Coi Leray Admits She's Embarrassed to Be Benzino's Daughter

Did anyone else know that Coi Leray was the daughter of Bezino!?

It was kind of a mindf*ck finding out that Coi Leray was actually Benzino‘s daughter. Over the years, she’s grown a brand independently of her father’s infamy to launch her own career; her single, “No More Parties” became her first Billboard Hot 100 entry, debuting at #84.

Unfortunately, her family business has found its way into the public eye; despite it being partially her fault.

On “No More Parties,” she addresses her fight with her father, rapping, “My daddy let me down, but I promise you I won’t let up/I wanna say fuck that man, but that shit won’t make me better.”

Benzino recently addressed his daughter’s issues with him. However, he says it was all a lie. “This mf has the nerve,” she responded following an IG Live and a spree of comments she left under a post.



“It’s crazy ’cause we was just on the phone crying yesterday, sharing this moment. Like, really sharin’ the moment,” she says during her live stream before elaborating in the comment section.


Benzino Calls Out His Daughter Coi Leray

Later, Coi Leray goes to Twitter where she continued to claim Benzino is a poor parent.

“Just like a month ago he called me. We spoke. Told him I needed him. I needed my father in this cold world. He said I should of been a boy,” she tweeted. “Reasons why I be thinking I need a n***a to love me now because YOUR BITCH ASS NEVER DID!!”

At the end of the heated debate, the singer and rapper offered an apology for “stepping out of character.”


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