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Mom of Britney Spears Denies Columbus Short’s Claim Of Calling Him The N-Word [Video]

Mom of Britney Spears Denies Columbus Short’s Claim Of Calling Him The N-Word [Video]

Mom of Britney Spears Denies Columbus Short's Claim Of Calling Him The N-Word [Video]

Columbus Short claims Britney Spears’ mother called him the ‘N-Word’ while they were dating. However, Lynne Spears denies Columbus Shorts…

Britney Spears’ mother is fighting back the racism allegations aimed at her by Columbus Short.

The actor, who used to be the pop star’s backup dancer, made his claims during his 2020 autobiography “Short Stories.” In addition, Short claims that the singer’s angry parents called him the N-word during his alleged fling with the singer.

Furthermore, the singer’s mom, Lynne Spears, 65, addresses the claims in a recent statement to Page Six on Thursday, February 25.

“I want to be very clear. Those terrible words are not remotely in my vocabulary,” the former schoolteacher said. “I would never say that to anyone, much less my daughter. Ever.”

Short, 38, claimed in his autobiography, that he overheard either Lynne or her ex-husband, Jamie Spears, using the ‘n-word’ to describe him in 2003. The event took place after he allegedly slept with Britney, now 39, during a trip to Rome. Additionally, Short did not specify which parent said it.

“I was next to [Britney] while she was on the phone with them crying while she had it on speaker,” he wrote before alleging that one of the Grammy winner’s folks asked her, “Why are you f–king that n–ger?”

Britney Spears’ Conservatorship Hearing Reportedly Postponed Due to “Zoombombing” Supporters

Lynne Spears may be denying that she did not say those words; however, it seems she’s not denying that someone did.

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Looking back at his fling with the “Oops!… I Did It Again” hitmaker, the 38-year-old said, “After that, I felt like maybe [Britney] was using me to piss them off for some reason. I think she is a really sweet person; that was tormented in a position on a high level that I can’t imagine.”

You can watch the full interview with Columbus below. Meanwhile, Britney’s conservatorship recently extended to September 3, 2021. The next hearing is scheduled for March 17.

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